A Sales & Marketing System for Professional Advisors

We provide tools, coaching, and ready-made content for accountants, consultants, and financial professionals who focus on helping business owners Protect, Grow, and Realize the Value of their business..

Generate More Business Owner Leads 

Find more clients with content tested and optimized by a panel of 25,000 business owners. Attract prospects with content that performs up to 5x better than the industry standard.

“We weren’t ready as far as infrastructure goes, so we actually had to hide the content on our website until we could handle that flow of leads.”

Allen Harris

Founder,  Berkshire Money Management 

Convert Sales Conversations into Clients  

Win more clients with powerful tools that help you nail sales conversations, every time. Close deals with less effort.  

"When someone completes a Discovery Questionnaire, we see higher levels of interest, with more of them turning into clients.” 

Jason Hullender  

Managing Director, IAG M&A Advisors 

Increase Your Client’s Lifetime Value

Enhance your client delivery by leveraging 30+ hours of out-of-the-box tools, tutorials, videos and exercises.

“Value Builder is the backbone of our practice. It perfectly complements the other tools and methodologies we use when helping a business thrive without its owner.”

Steven Kohnke

CEO & Business Strategist, Denver Business Coach

Read Our Success Stories


Productizing Helped Paul Wirth Double his Close Rate & Increase Lifetime Value by 250%

Paul has over 35 years of experience in executive national leadership roles in finance, banking, and homebuilding for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies.

Paul assists organizations by developing entrepreneurial blueprints for continued growth, helping them increase their companies’ profitability and value. His passion is to help business owners prepare their organizations for exit, one year or 20 years down the road.


Blue Sky Exit Planning Achieves a 60% Email Open Rate Without Lifting a Finger

Joseph Gitto is an accomplished senior finance, sales and operational executive, entrepreneur, coach, thought leader, and board member with more than 25 years of experience in various industries.

His areas of expertise include business development, forecasting, planning, P&L management, marketing, exit-strategy planning, and key partnership building. In 2023, he became a founding member of the Exit Planning Institute’s Orlando chapter.


Denver Business Coach Increased Revenue per Client by 3X Leveraging One Tool

Steve Kohnke is the CEO of Denver Business Coach and has helped hundreds of owners build value and scale since 2011.

Steven has been part of the team since 2016 and works with business owners implement the right processes and systems to achieve their full potential and create self-sustaining companies.

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